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EBOLA Virus (in engl. Sprache)

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Who's the Criminal?

EBOLA virus disease is spreading fast causing a big stir among the world community.

The number of people infected by this virus was 3 069, of which more than 1 550 died as of the end of August in West Africa and the rest of the world. WHO estimated the number to be infected would reach 20 000 in nine months to come.

It is said the death rate from the contamination of this virus is 90%.

This virus is fast contagious and very dangerous. For instance, from June 25 to 30 the number of the contracted by this virus was 22, of which 14 died.

In many African countries a state of emergency was declared. As this virus goes beyond West Africa, swiftly hitting Asia, Europe, and the Americas, many countries gave warnings to outgoing travelers of the possible danger of contamination, and those suspected to be contaminated have been isolated. WHO, too, has declared a state of emergency to provide against the disease this virus contaminates.

Generally, this virus is not air-contaminating, it infects from the blood or mucus of the infected. Therefore, it is slower in contamination than other disease. But this time it is quite different. It spreads rather faster. This leaves quite many questions to experts.

Then is this disease caused spontaneously?

EBOLA is a very pertinacious virus developed by the U.S. as part of the program to make a biological weapon.

The U.S. set about its research some 40 years ago. Of course it had been kept secret. This was ferreted out by the former Soviet union which began the study of quarantine line, said a Russian immunologist.

This laid bare the most vicious U.S. crime. AIDS is also a U.S. product for biological warfare.

Many things about EBOLA virus still remain in obscurity. But the secret will be known to all one day and the U.S. will be cursed by the world as the arch criminal of mankind.

Ri Kyong Su (Rodong Sinmun, 6. Sept. 2014)

DPRK Official Flails U.S. for Ebola Virus

Pyongyang, December 1, 2014 (KCNA) -- It is just the U.S. imperialism, chief mastermind of evils, that poses a serious threat to humankind's existence, said Kim Hyok Hwan, a department director of the C.C., DPRK Red Cross Society.
   Referring to the fact that the deadly Ebola virus has been reported to be spread by the U.S., stunning the world community, Kim told KCNA:
   As an aide to ex-President Reagan disclosed, the U.S. has been bent on the development of bio-weapons for its supremacy over the world. In the course it invented a progenitor of Ebola virus for the purpose of launching a biological warfare.
   The U.S. Department of Defense paid 140 million dollars to a foreign pharmaceutical firm for research into Ebola virus and chose African countries as a bio-weapon testing ground, according to a Liberian professor.
   The world media reported that Ebola cases broke out after some American members of the Medecins sans frontieres (MSF) toured Africa.
   Russian, Singaporean and American newspapers criticized that the U.S. developed anti-Ebola virus vaccine through experiment on Ebola contagion, but has prevented this vaccine from being known to the world, only for its own interests.
   As admitted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. imperialists have long conducted vivisections with fatal epidemics, inflicting untold sufferings on mankind.
   AIDS, known as pest in the 20th century, was also developed by the U.S. imperialist homicides, and it still remains an incurable epidemic.
   The U.S. imperialists did not hesitate to massacre hundreds of thousands of civilians with A-bombs and make peaceful fishermen a guinea pig for H-bomb only to realize their wild design.
   As already known to everyone, the U.S. is the world's biggest nuke possessor.
   Nevertheless, the U.S. launches "human rights" racket against other countries even by abusing international bodies.
   Peace and prosperity can never settle in this planet as long as the U.S. imperialism remains unpunished.
   All people and organizations aspiring after peace and justice in the world should turn out in a struggle to exterminate the U.S. imperialism, chief mastermind of evils. -0-

Preventive Work against Ebola Virus Brisk in DPRK

Pyongyang, November 7, 2014 (KCNA) -- A preventive work against Ebola virus now spreading worldwide is brisk in different parts of the DPRK.
   The State Emergency Anti-epidemic Committee is scrupulously organizing the anti-epidemic work to bar Ebola virus from spreading in the country.
   Hygienic information service is making brisk headway to encourage all inhabitants to turn out in the preventive work.
   Health workers of many units including the Ministry of Public Health Skin-disease Preventive Centre, Academy of Koryo Medicine and the Ryugyong Dental Hospital are providing information service with the help of visual aid materials and multi-media.
   Working people's organizations at all levels in South and North Phyongan, North Hwanghae and South Hamgyong provinces are successfully conducting such activities at institutions, enterprises and neighborhood units.
   Health workers are strengthening medical check-up among inhabitants. They are carefully examining whether symptoms of sudden high fever, serious headache, etc. are not manifested among them.
   Institutions and enterprises have a well-regulated system whereby relevant health organs and anti-epidemic bodies can be informed of any possible abnormal symptom among their employees and a variety of necessary measures taken against it.
   Technological study for medical workers is organized at high level at provinces, cities (districts) and counties to carry out a rapid and correct diagnosis and medical treatment.
   The medical workers of the National Hygienic and Anti-epidemic Center are scrupulously organizing the work to strictly prevent Ebola virus from spreading in the DPRK. -0-

Work to Prevent Ebola Virus Brisk in DPRK

Pyongyang, October 23, 2014 (KCNA) -- The DPRK has been making state efforts to prevent Ebola virus now on rapid spread around the world.
   Thorough preventive measures are being taken in Pyongyang and local areas.
   The State Emergency Anti-epidemic Committee was organized with the involvement of relevant units including the Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Railways to control the infection by Ebola virus.
   Now in place at the emergency anti-epidemic headquarters in provinces, cities (districts) and counties is information system by which information is exchanged for rapid and correct diagnosis and certain measures.
   The hygienic information service is intensive in different parts of the country in order to make the public have a clear understanding of the circumstances of the spread and danger of Ebola virus.
   Officials in the field of public health, education and social organizations are involved in the hygienic information service. Media including papers and TV broadcasting bring the public to the knowledge of how Ebola virus spread and what measures were taken in different countries.
   The State Emergency Anti-epidemic Committee and emergency anti-epidemic headquarters in provinces, cities (districts) and counties channel efforts into checking the infiltration of the virus now that the virus has not entered the country as yet.
   Travelers and materials undergo more thorough-going check and quarantine at airfields, trading ports and border railway stations than ever before.
   The public health organs are regularly examining all people in order to rapidly confirm people suspicious of having contracted the disease and taking measures to treat them. -0-

Anti-Ebola Campaign Brisk in DPRK

Pyongyang, September 24, 2014 (KCNA) -- A brisk campaign is going on in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to prevent Ebola virus.
   In this regard, Prof. and Dr. Choe Chang Sik, director of the Public Health Administration Institute under the Ministry of Public Health, told KCNA:
   Some days ago the director of the Regional Office for South-East Asia of the World Health Organization called for raising awareness against Ebola.
   At present, information activities and strict border quarantine are being conducted in the country. Foreign travelers and foreigners are subjected to a rigorous quarantine with advanced facilities.
   Measures were also taken to develop preventive medicine against Ebola with regular hygienic and anti-epidemic work.
   An official of the ministry said that Pyongyang City is taking the lead in the anti-Ebola campaign, adding medical workers in Rangnang District concentrate efforts on informing the inhabitants of Ebola virus and its damage.
   Such information activities against Ebola can be seen in buses and other passenger transportation means. -0-

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