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Hymn to WPK

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Hymn to WPK

Famous Piece "Party's Flag, Forever with You"

We now live in a new centenary of Juche. It is a glorious age led by respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, an age that sees a grand triumphal march of our Party and people crushing all challenges and schemes of the enemies. Born of this grand march, the excellent piece "Party's Flag, Forever with You " enjoys a great popularity with its irresistible power of attraction.

1. Flag Held High by People

The music is a hymn to the Workers' Party of Korea, an artistic representation of the true look of the harmonious whole between the leader, the Party and the people, the look that never vanishes with years rolling out and generations altering, the look that assumes its eternity -- firm and beautiful.

One can see its red flag in the red scarves of our Children's Union members and embracing all our people like in a mother's bosom.

Standard-bearers of our Party flag are not a few, but many, millions; they are not only party members but all who entrust their life and future to the WPK.

Unchanged with the time are the people, they raise aloft this flag, ready to defend this flag with lives, and supported by them, the flag of the WPK will as ever be fluttering high, inspiring our people to fresh victories.

2. Party's Flag Reflects People's Desire

The hymn "Party's Flag, Forever with You " with its gem-like song and music touching our heartstrings gives a lively expression to our people's loyalty and fervent love for their mother party.

The title of the song itself speaks volumes of our people's desire and purpose of life. Its mysterious charm adds largely to the sacredness of our party flag.

The song gives a philosophical analysis to the profound idea that the party is our dear motherland and dear people.

Its musical representation is simple and gentle. Its melody, as it goes along, plunges us into a deep thought.

This piece, a eulogy to our people's noble sentiments to their mother party, will be echoing through our land for many, many generations to come.

3. Along with "Ode to the Motherland"

The year 2013 is blessed with another excellent piece "Ode to the Motherland". This piece along with one "Party's Flag, Forever with You" is another example in the development of our Juche-oriented literature and art in this new centenary of Juche.

In these two pieces one can hardly find any classic definition of what motherland is or any straightforward acclamations of the party. But from both songs one can read the following lines.


In thy red flag we see,
Our dreams come true
To thee we swear eternal allegiance (from "Party's Flag, Forever with You")


National flag flutters high in the blue
All our dreams will be made real here
I love my motherland ever and forever (from "Ode to the Motherland")

When people hear this song resounding all over this land, they will come to see how the DPRK is rising so high above the world. Singing these songs, our people feel soaring national pride and our country gains in strength many hundred fold.

U Jong Hyok  (Rodong Sinmun, Dez. 2013)

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