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Strenge Bestrafung diktatorischer Regimes

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Stern Punishment to Dictatorial Regime

All the dictatorial regimes that went against the will and demand of the people have proved short-lived. Those who lorded it over the people all met stern punishment by the people.

The present south Korean regime will be of no exception.

It is a fascist regime, its root striking deep into a most tyrannical "Yusin" dictatorship.

It is less than a year since the present regime appeared. It came, accompanied by the ghost of the "Yusin" dictatorship. The ghost has ever since been hovering over south Korea. The present regime is a brainchild of fraud and swindle. All the government power and conservative media were set in motion to rig it up through the election.

Their election commitments such as "better inter-Korean relations, democracy in economic fields, and the building of a welfare society" were all lies.

Now in power, the fascist rulers are harshly cracking down upon the progressive, democratic forces who demand a probe into swindle in the last presidential election. One of their pretexts for suppression is the attempt to create internal disturbances.

History shows all the dictatorial regimes went down in the struggle of the enraged masses. The south Korean people boast of their glorious history in which they toppled down fascist dictators and moved far ahead in the struggle for independence, democracy and reunification.

Their staunch fighting spirit is kept alive still today.

By their valiant struggle the people will certainly overthrow the present fascist dictatorial regime.

Choe Chol Sun (Rodong Sinmun, 11. Dez. 2013)

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