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5. Juli 2001

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Songun Politics, Treasured Sword of Ever-victorious Socialism

Today we infinitely glorify the history and traditions of the ever-victorious Korean revolution under the leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un.

At such a time we significantly commemorate the 13th anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il's publication of his historic work "Our Party's Songun Politics is a powerful mode of Socialist Politics".

In the work published on July 5, 2001 Kim Jong Il clarified the historical circumstances of the creation of the Songun-based mode of politics and its roots, the essence and originality of the Songun politics and principled problems and tasks for its realization.

Our Party's Songun politics is an invincible politics to firmly safeguard the security of the socialist country and people from the imperialists' aggression.

On his continuous tour of the leadership of the Songun politics Kim Jong Il brightly elucidated the ways and means for boosting the combat capabilities of the People's Army and taught tactics suitable to modern war one by one.

Under his leadership of the Songun revolution our People's Army has been firmly prepared as rifle and bomb ranks capable of resolutely defending the leader and is demonstrating its might as invincible revolutionary armed forces of Mt. Paektu equipped with strong offensive and defensive means.

It is a politics of unity to further strengthen the great unity of the army and people.

Kim Jong Il taught that the People's Army should become the subject in fully developing the traditional traits of army-people unity and wisely led the struggle to unify the thoughts and way of struggle of service personnel and civilians on the basis of the revolutionary soldier spirit.

Our country is demonstrating its might as an unbreakable socialist bulwark on the firm basis of community of thoughts and fighting spirit of service personnel and civilians and great unity of the army and people.

The Songun politics is a weapon of prosperity to achieve continuous miracles by creating the speed of Korea in building a socialist thriving state.

Under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il our People's Army has grown into the vanguard detachment of the Songun revolutionary cause that defends the leader resolutely and carries through the order of the Supreme Commander in do-or-die spirit.

Today the Korean army and people are dynamically pushing ahead with the building of a thriving state, performing unprecedented miracles with an indomitable mental power under the Party's Songun-based leadership.

Korean servicepersons' courageous attacking spirit, bold and innovative mode of creation and lightning way of struggle represent the spirit of Songun Korea leaping to prosperity.

Yun Chol Hui

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