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Innerkoreanische Beziehungen & aktuelle Militärmannöver
Zu den verbalen Attacken gegen Frau Park noch ein Artikel des Guardian:

Eine Frage zu dem Schiffsunglück und den Rettungsmassnahmen, wer bezahlt die Südkoreaner für ihre Aufwendungen?
Ein erste Meldung heute von der KCNA zum gesunkenen nordkoreanischen Schiff:

DPRK Asks Concerning Parties to Cooperate in Rescuing Crewmen of Sunken Cargo Ship

Pyongyang, April 5 (KCNA) -- There occurred an accident that the Mongolia-flagged trading cargo ship Grand Fortune 1 with crew of the Kunhae Shipping Company under the Maritime Administration of the DPRK aboard sank in the waters off Jeju Island at dawn on Friday while sailing to Shanghai, China.
The cause of the accident is under investigation.
Among 16 DPRK crewmen two were found dead and three were rescued with 11 others missing.
The DPRK hopes that the concerning parties will conduct rescue operations and help the survivors return to their families at an early date from the humanitarian point of view in accordance with the international usage.

Das gesunkene Schiff gehörte einer nordkoreanischen "Kunhae Shipping Company". -
Mögen die noch vermissten Seeleute gerettet werden
“The south Korean authorities headed by Park Geun Hye dared take issue with the nuclear issue of their fellow countrymen outside Korea. Inside south Korea they are busy openly encouraging the operation to scatter leaflets against fellow countrymen and smear campaign against them. The ceaseless leaflet scattering operation in south Korea is an open breach of the valuable agreement reached between the north and the south and the most serious act of treachery that can never be pardoned.
The north and the south reached a historic agreement at the high-level contact on February 14 in which they solemnly stated to the nation that they would refrain from slandering each other. But the situation is quite contrary to our expectation. It is because the pledge which south Korea made upon authorization of Park Geun Hye turned out to be a smokescreen to cover up the leaflet scattering operation that was carried out at the connivance of the authorities and the smear campaign against the north that has gone beyond the tolerance limit.
We cannot but query is it Park’s style negotiating tactics to produce a honeyed agreement in a bid to attain her goal and is it her special skill for ‘confidence-building’ as she is unhesitatingly reneging on the agreement under such absurd pretexts as ‘nature of social system’ and ‘freedom of speech’. (…) If the south Korean authorities are to have an elementary face to appear before the DPRK side, they should properly implement the north-south agreement, to begin with.” (KCNA, 29. März 2014)
“The south Korean authorities let human scum who defected to the south commit unpardonable hostile acts of scattering leaflets malignantly hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and its social system. And they staged the madcap largest-scale Ssangyong landing drill together with the U.S. in Phohang under the simulated conditions of mounting a preemptive attack on the north, intensifying the Foal Eagle joint military exercises.
Their provocative acts are an open breach of the north-south agreement which had reached with much effort and, at the same time, a reckless act of driving the inter-Korean relations into an extreme phase of confrontation and war crisis once again. Their landing drill goes to clearly prove that they opt for military confrontation, not for dialogue.
The historic agreement that the north and the south shall stop slandering each side at the north-south high-level contact in February aroused a great joy of all Koreans and was warmly welcomed by the international community. However, the south Korean authorities are resorting to more frantic provocation than before the agreement, feigning ignorance of the promise made by them upon the authorization of the chief executive.” (KCNA, 4. April 2014)
Erste Meldung der KCNA zum Schiffsunglück in Südkorea.

"Passenger Ship Sinks in S. Korea

Pyongyang, April 19 (KCNA) -- Sewol, passenger ship of south Korea, sank in waters off Jindo County, South Jolla Province on April 16.
It was reported that the ship which was sailing to Jeju Island from Inchon Port had at least 470 persons including students and teachers aboard.
The accident claimed many casualties, leaving the fate of hundreds of persons unknown. It will reportedly take a long period to salvage the ship.
The south Korean CBS said the families of victims are greatly distressed as the rescue operation is making very slow progress, adding that the parents of the dead students are crying out for bringing their children to life.
The south Korean MBC recalled that such alarming accidents have occurred in south Korea without let-up since several decades ago.
It continued:
We are living in such unstable times that nobody knows where similar accident will take place. It is the society where parents are unable to let their children go on study tours with easy mind.
The "government" authorities should bear deep in mind with what sorrow and anger the families of those reported missing will sit up all night."
S. Korea allows KORAIL chief to visit N. Korea
2014/04/20 16:38 SEOUL, April 20 (Yonhap) -- South Korea has allowed the chief of its state rail operator to visit North Korea this week for an international rail conference, the unification ministry said Sunday.

The ministry said it approved a trip to Pyongyang by Choi Yeon-hye, president and CEO of the Korea Railroad Corp. (KORAIL), and four other officials for a meeting of the Organization for Co-Operation between Railways (OSJD) set for April 24-28.

The rail conference is meant to boost international cooperation between railway operators, the source said, adding that it is expected to bring together top rail officials from China, Russia and 25 other member states of the OSJD.

The ministry said it decided to approve the trip because it is aimed at attending an international conference. It also said the visit is expected to improve cooperation between KORAIL and OSJD member nations.

The visit comes as tensions are still high on the Korean Peninsula after North Korea fired a series of missiles and rockets off its east coast and threatened to conduct a "new form of nuclear test."

Choi's delegation plans to leave for Beijing on Monday, KORAIL officials said. As soon as they are issued North Korean visas, the officials plan to travel to Pyongyang either by train or air, they said, though they are more likely to take a train if issued visas in time.

Any trip by South Koreans to North Korea requires the South Korean government's approval as well as the North's consent. The sides still technically remain in a state of war since the 1950-53 Korean War ended in a truce, not a peace treaty.

South Korea has long talked about linking its rail system with Russia's trans-Siberian railway via North Korea, though the project has made little progress due to political and security tensions.


Vor einigen Tagen hatte Nordkorea eine mündliche Einladung an den Chef von KORAIL ausgesprochen.
Es bewegt sich doch noch etwas in den Kontakten, wenn auch auf unterer Ebene.
Sympathy to S. Korean Red Cross
Pyongyang, April 23 (KCNA) -- The Central Committee of the Red Cross Society of the DPRK Wednesday sent a message of sympathy to the south Korean Red Cross. The message expressed deep sympathy as regards the sinking of the ferry "Sewol" in the waters off Jin Island, South Jolla Province on April 16 claiming many casualties including young schoolchildren and leaving many persons missing. -0-
Was will man mit dieser Gossensprache gegenüber gewählten Präsidenten bezwecken? In der Behandlung der eigenen Führung erwartet Nordkorea ein anderes Niveau und reagiert ansonsten sehr empfindlich.

Die Rodong Sinmun feiert in der Sonntagsausgabe die Armee auf rd. 4 Seiten.
Die Frage, was will man mit diesem Sprachniveau bezwecken, ist noch nicht beantwortet. Die Ausfälle richteten sich auch gegen Präsident Obama.
Die Antwort aus Südkorea.

"S. Korea slams N. Korea for sexist swipe at Park "

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