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Deutsche Besucher in Nordkorea
Deutsche Unternehmer besuchten kürzlich (von Seoul aus?) die Sonderwirtschaftszone in Kaesong:

" ...Pyongyang, while ratcheting up military tension on the peninsula for months, accepted successive visits to the Gaeseong industrial complex by two foreign business delegations this week. This clearly shows that for the leadership in Pyongyang, saber-rattling is one thing and money is another.

The first delegation that visited the border city in North Korea on Tuesday consisted of about 40 representatives from the Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Seoul. They included executives from big German companies such as Siemens AG and BMW. ..."
Heute ein Artikel in der Rodong Sinmun:
"My Pyongyang Visit from Munich

I am glad that I am revisiting Pyongyang from which I got a good impression.

Eight months have passed since I took part in the Pyongyang Autumn International Trade Fair last year. During this period, Pyongyang has changed considerably. Many construction projects were completed and streets got brighter. I feel Pyongyang is a stirring city.

Pyongyang gives an unforgettable impression to the people because there is Mangyongdae where President Kim Il Sung was born, I think.

Last year I was surprised to visit Mangyongdae. At first, I could not believe that the President admired by the world people as a great man was born at a very ordinary straw-thatched house.

Hearing the explanation of a lecturer and seeing household goods and farm tools preserved at the house, I came to have a better knowledge of his great disposition.

This time I came to Pyongyang from Munich with friendly feelings of the Korean people, the feelings with which I had left last year.

When talking about Korea, citizens of Munich remember shooter Ri Ho Jun who won a gold medal in the Munich Olympic Games of 1972.

The story of the Korean sports hero who set new world and Olympic records is still a topic in Munich.

Our company is exporting its drugs to some 60 countries throughout the world. I hope that our drug will contribute to the healthcare of Korean people through interchange and cooperation with the DPRK.

In the end, I would like to say one more remark on opinions of our delegation members about the food culture of Korea.

Pyongyang cold noodle, one of Korean folk dishes, is the finest one. In addition, dishes served at Pyongyang Koryo Hotel are all delicate. This made us believe that the Korean nation is a civilized and resourceful nation.

We will visit Pyongyang in the future, too.

Bernhard Loy, International sales manager of the Denk Pharma, Germany"

[Bild: 2014-05-15-00-04.jpg]
Ein Mitglied der italienisch-schweizerischen kommunistischen Partei der Schweiz war in Nordkorea zu Besuch:

Mal schauen ob er auf seinem Blog was über seinen Besuch posten wird:
Unter den aktuellen KCNA-Meldungen fand ich heute folgenden Eintrag:
" Pyongyang, December 17 (KCNA) -- Kosima Weber Liu, executive director of the Environmental Education Media Project ... sent floral baskets to the statues of ... ."
(Quelle: )

Interessiert, wer Kosima Weber Liu ist und über ihre Beziehung zur DVRK, fand ich folgenden Hinweis:

" ... Kosima has been running the EEMP DPRKorean project since 2001 focusing on raising awareness for sustainable development and nature conservation as key development factors. Since 2003 the EEMP has been cooperating with PIINTEC, a DPRKorean NGO on topics like renewable energy and organic farming and was successful in building an Environmental Information Media Center in Pyongyang (EIM Center).
... 2010 saw the holding of the third International Workshop on Environment in Pyongyang and two Practical and Theoretical Trainings in Biodynamic Organic Farming as well as the beginning of a modest eco-community project. In March 2012 the EEMP organised a highly impactful ‘Forest and Landscape Restoration Seminar’ in Pyongyang (with 15 international and 85 Korean experts and joint published papers) and in the summers of 2011 and 2013 the ‘Mt. Paketu Joint Research Project on Geosciences and Ecology’. In July 2013 two experts from PIINTEC visited various German nature reserves, education centers and organic farms with the Michael Succow Foundation in Germany. ..."

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Nicht ganz schlau wurde ich aus einem Satz einer aktuellen KCNA-Meldung:

" ... This year will also see various trade fairs co-sponsored in Pyongyang by the DPRK and other countries, including a German trade fair on November 2-5."

( Quelle: )

Wird es da eine spezielle "Deutsche Handelsmesse" in Pyongyang geben? Gab es das früher auch schon einmal? Wer ist der deutsche Messe-Partner?
Die Chefin der Welthungerhilfe wurde im Februar des Landes das wirklich schlau es sich mit Organisationen zu verscherzen die helfen wollen?
Eine Delegation unter Leitung des Vorsitzenden der deutsch-koreanischen Parlamentarier-Gruppe Hartmut Koschyk (CSU) befindet sich zur Zeit in Pjöngjang. Dort kam es zu einem besonderen Ereignis:
Eventuell in Bezug zu diesem früheren Beitrag:

" ...2. Gesellschaft BRD-KDVR e.V.
c/o Thomas Reichardt
Zinnowitzer Weg 8
15834 Rangsdorf
Tel: 033708-22215
Tel: 0151-11920643
(Gestaltung und Förderung der Beziehungen der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und der Koreanischen Demokratischen Volksrepublik als Beitrag zur Völkerverständigung; Förderung der Internationalen Gesinnung der Toleranz auf allen Gebieten der Kultur; Förderung der Entwicklungshilfe; Herausgabe von Publikationen; Durchführung von Seminaren und Veranstaltungen)"

... berichtete die KCNA in der letzten Zeit öfters über Lob und Glückwünsche an die Kim-Dynastie eines gewissen "Thomas Lichter".

Kim Jong Il Praised by Foreigners

vor 22 Stunden - Pyongyang, July 7 (KCNA) --
Thomas Lichter, vice-chairman of the Federal Republic of Germany-DPRK Association, said the Workers' Party of Korea performed world-startling miracles and innovations in all fields of social life while strictly preserving the revolutionary principle, the socialist principle under the guidance of Kim Jong Il.

Day of Shining Star Marked in Benin, Germany

04.03.2017 - Pyongyang, March 4 (KCNA) --  ... of the Korean Friendship Association, Thomas Lichter, vice-chairman of the ...

Day of Shining Star to Be Celebrated in Germany
02.02.2016 - Pyongyang, February 2 (KCNA) -- A preparatory committee for celebrating the ... Thomas Lichter, vice-chairman of the association, was elected ...

Foreign Guests Arrive
08.10.2015 - Pyongyang, October 8 (KCNA) -- Foreign guests arrived here on ... Association led by Thomas Lichter, vice-chairman of the association and ...

Ist "Thomas Lichter"
> der Stellvertreter von Thomas Reichardt des (oben erwähnten) BRD-KDVR e.V. ?
> Fraktionsführer von "Die Linke" in Berlin/Neukölln?

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