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Neue Bücher aus Nordkorea
In den vergangenen Wochen sind folgende Titel neu erschienen:

A Grand Birth
Title: A Grand Birth
Publisher: Foreign Languages Publishing House
Published in 2018
Lang: English
Pages: 83 pages
Size: 125*180 mm
Price: Euro 5.60
Main content: Kim Il Sung created valuable experiences in the building of people’s power in the flames of the anti-Japanese revolution and laid a firm foundation for the construction of an independent sovereign state after liberation, and, based on it, proclaimed to the whole world the founding of the DPRK on Sep 9, 1948.
The founding of the DPRK constituted the birth of a new form of the people’s government, the first of its kind in history, and a national event that brought about a radical turn in shaping the people’s destiny and building a rich and powerful nation.
With its founding, the country became capable of putting an end to the sorrow of being a colonial weak country and standing proudly in the international arena as a completely independent and sovereign state, and its people became able to hew out their destiny independently and creatively with a powerful political weapon for the revolution and construction.
1.       In the flames of the Anti-Japanese Revolution
2.       In the liberated country
3.       Establishing of People’s Committee of North Korea
4.       Founding of the DPRK
DPRK – Seven Decades of Creation and Changes
Title: DPRK – Seven Decades of Creation and Changes
Publisher: Foreign Languages Publishing House
Published in 2018
Lang: English
Pages: 150 pages
Size: 125*180 mm
Price: Euro 7.00
Main content: The 70 years of the DPRK is a history of great struggle and victory, and great creation and changes, in which the Korean people defended the independence and dignity of the country and built up a powerful socialist country surmounting the storm of the revolution under the leadership of their great leaders and their great Party.
The DPRK has advanced along the road of victory and glory overcoming unprecedented hardships and trails in acute confrontation with the imperialist forces seeking aggression throughout the historic course from the period of laying the foundation for nation building to the present when the building of a socialist power is under way.
In the course of the arduous struggle to build a new Korea, a new society, the Korean blazed the trail for accomplishing the cause of independence against imperialism, the socialist cause, performed miracles of history and immortal feats and gained precious experiences. Therefore, the 70 – year history of the DPRK shines brilliantly and socialist Korea is exalting its prestige and might as the citadel of independence and fortress of socialism.
-          Founding of the DPRK
-          Defending National freedom and independence
-          Building socialism, independent, self-supporting and self-reliant in defence
-          Consolidation and development of people-centred socialism, defence of socialist cause
-          Defending socialism dint of Songun, effecting a turn in socialist power building
-          For all-round construction and socialist power.

Korean Film Art (2018)
Title: Korean Film Art
Publisher: Korea Film Export & Import Corporation
Published in 2018
Lang: Korean-English
Pages: 304 color pages
Size: 185*255 mm
Price: Euro 70.00
Main content: It introduces the Kroean Film Studio-the comprehensive film production base, Korean April 25 Film Studio for war films, TV Drama Production Base, Korean Documentary and Science Film Studio, world-famouse Korean April 26 Animation Studio, Scriptwriting Companies and Pyongyang University of Dramatic and Cinematic Arts.
Also, It introduces its works- Korean Feature Films, Cartoon Films, Documentary Films, TV Series and actors, Singers, Writers…..

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Pub Date: March 2020
ISBN: 9780231195614
288 Pages
Format: Paperback

A Novel from North Korea

Paek Nam-nyong. Translated by Immanuel Kim

Columbia University Press

.....Ein Buch von einem Autor aus dem Norden, der immer noch dort lebt....weiteres und Bestellmöglichkeiten erfahrt ihr hier
Liste der in den Jahren 2016 - 2019 in Pyongyang neu erschienenen Publikationen.

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Einige Bücher, von denen in Pyongyang teilweise nur noch wenige Exemplare vorrätig sind.

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Von der 20-bändigen Kwangmyong Enzyklopädie sind nur noch wenige Sets verfügbar. Lieferung aus Korea. Anfragen bitte über das Kontaktformular.

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Bereits vor einigen Monaten erschien das Buch "Kim Jong Un in the year 2018". Es sind noch englischsprachige Exemplare verfügbar. Anfragen bitte über das Kontaktformular.

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