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Außenbeziehungen der DVRK
Informationen zum Treffen von Kim Jong Un und Wladimir W. Putin in Wladiwostok sind hier in deutscher Sprache zusammengestellt:

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Die aktuelle Ausgabe der Pyongyang Times kommentiert die Situation in Venezuela:

[Bild: Wu3j3joY.jpg]

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Apropos Venezuela:

Aristobulo Izuris und Ri Ryong Nam (der erste Vizepräsident(?) von Venezuela, der zweite ein Vizepremier der DVRK) trafen sich kürzlich unter den fürsorglichen Augen von (nein, nicht Kim Il Sung, sondern von Simon Bolivar!) zu einem Phototermin und Gesprächen(?), wohl in der Botschaft Venezuelas in Abuja, Nigeria.

Da Vizepräsident Izuris aus Venezuela sich wohl gern bei "flickr" präsentiert, können auch wir einen Blick erhaschen:
Die "Pyongyang Times" widmet eine komplette Ausgabe dem Besuch von Chinas Staatspräsident Xi Jinping in Pyongyang:

[Bild: mlpKOIhw.jpg]

Informationen in deutscher Sprache:

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Der Pressespiegel EuroTopics hat Artikel aus europäischen Zeitungen über das Treffen von Kim Jong Un und Donald Trump in Panmunjom am 30. Juni 2019 zusammengestellt:

Der offizielle Bericht aus Nordkorea:

Und der TV-Beitrag aus Nordkorea:

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Stellungnahme der DVR Korea zur aktuellen Situation in Hongkong (Audio-Beitrag):

Hongkong, September 2019

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Die Pyongyang Times beklagt die Einmischung Deutschlands und anderer europäischer Staaten in die Selbstverteidigungsmaßnahmen der DVRK:

UK, France, Germany advised to rid themselves of old thinking

Kim Son Gyong, adviser for the Korea-Europe Association, released the following statement on Thursday:

The United Kingdom, France and Germany, which were recently denouncing our regular military exercises and self-defensive measures as "provocation" or "violation of resolutions" of the UN Security Council, brought the issue to the UN Security Council and released a three-state joint statement on Aug 27.

The UK, France and Germany are meddling every time in our self-defensive measures for arms modernization. These are preposterous actions which no one will ever understand.

The UNSC’s resolutions against the DPRK – on which these countries base their denunciation - are no more than illegal and inhumane documents that flagrantly violate the UN Charter and other universally recognized international laws and trample the rights to self-defence and survival of a sovereign state, and accordingly, we have never acknowledged them.

The DPRK harbors a bitter historical lesson whereby the whole of country had been subjected to the military rule of the Japanese imperialists for over 40 years because of the lack of strength to defend itself and afterwards to a three-year devastating war.

There will be no greater mistake than to think that those far-fetched documents could force us into giving up our right to self-defence that ensures peace.

You should defend your own security by yourself. This is illustrated by current international relations in which some countries accepted the demand of the “international community” for disarmament under the pressure and appeasement, only to find themselves hacked to pieces by the western powers. That is also evidenced by the fact that the weak attacked by the strong can hardly appeal to anybody.

As a matter of fact, those countries which take issue with us are in no position to point an accusing finger at the DPRK as they are so hungry for money as to sell their military equipment to south Korea, though habitually saying that they hope for peace and security on the Korean peninsula.

They should know that such irrational acts of condemning our conventional weapons programme while turning their faces away from the military exercises and introduction of latest lethal weapons in south Korea would only make their much-hyped dialogue more uncertain.

We would like to keep on good terms with the European countries, but this is possible on condition that each other’s sovereignty is respected.

The United Kingdom, France and Germany should get rid of their rigid and prejudiced mentality and help to ease tension and keep peace on the Korean peninsula. If not, it had better keep silence and mind their own turbulent business instead.

The Pyongyang Times, 30. Aug. 2019 / KCNA

Für preisgünstige Nordkorea-Rundreisen: Infos hier.

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