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Neues Buch über Nordkoreanische Plakatkunst
David Heather, Hg.
Propaganda Art
North Korean Posters

288 Seiten, engl./dt.
250 Farbabbildungen
Format 19,5 x 24 cm
€ 19,95 [D] / sFr 35,90
ISBN: 978-3-7913-3967-2

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Für preisgünstige Nordkorea-Rundreisen: Infos hier.
Der oben genannte Autor des Buches - David Heather - ist ein interessanter Mann. Er ist seiner Meinung nach der einzige weltweit, der von den nordkoreanischen Behörden autorisiert wurde, koreanische Kunst des Mansudae Art Studios sowie Werke (Gemälde, Zeichnungen, Plastiken o. ä.) individueller koreanischen Künstler via die Londoner Gallerie "lagalleria" außerhalb Nordkoreas zu verkaufen:

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Ich glaubte zuerst, dass die Poster nur im Mansudae Art Studio produziert werden, aber der folgende Artikel der KCNA von Jänner 2008 berlehrte mich dahingehend, dass wohl ein guter Teil der Poster im Kunststudio der Volksarmee angefertigt wird:

New Posters Produced
Pyongyang, January 19 (KCNA) -- More than 240 posters have been produced by the Korean People's Army Art Studio. They call on the servicepersons and the people to turn out in the general offensive for building a great prosperous powerful nation.
Some posters deal with the firm faith and will of the servicepersons to eternally glorify the undying feats President Kim Il Sung performed by founding the DPRK and demonstrate the dignity and national power of the Sun's Korea and the militant appeal of the Workers' Party of Korea to greet the 60th anniversary of the founding of the DPRK as a grand festival of victors, etc.
Particularly posters "Devoted defence of the leader is the quintessence of the mental power of servicepersons and people!" "Let's live and struggle in the same spirit as the General displayed when making the forced march!" and "Let's make a tangible contribution to the prosperity of the country!" and others call on all people to give fuller play to the nation's political and ideological and military might and perform heroic miracles and feats on all fronts for building an economic power. The newly produced posters include posters of diverse themes including those underscoring the need to intensify the education in socialist patriotism and bring the revolutionary soldier culture into full bloom and preserve the Juche character and national character in the revolution and ...

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