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Erdbeben in Japan
Gibt es eigentlich Meldungen bezüglich der Katastrophe in den Nordkoreanischen Medien?
Also die KCNA meldet heute folgendes:

Pyongyang, March 14 (KCNA) -- Damage caused by Friday′s catastrophic earthquake and tsunami expands in Japan.
 NHK said that the number of people who have died totaled more than 1 600, missing were over 10 000 and over 380 000 fled for safety as of Sunday morning.
 Explosion occurred twice at the nuclear reactor building of Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant on Saturday and Sunday, causing leakage of huge radioactivity.
 According to the measurement just after the explosion, the numerical value of radioactivity was about 1 000 times that of normal value in the area around the central control room of the nuclear plant No. 1 and more than 70 times in the area of the gate of the power station.
 160 people were estimated to have suffered from radioactivity.
 In the wake of the explosion at the nuclear plant No. 1, nuclear plants No. 2 and No. 3 were put on emergency alert.
 Following the explosions the Japanese government set the area within the 20 kilometers radius centering on the plant No. 1 as dangerous area and demanded the inhabitants there leave the place.
 The quake turned Kesennuma City of Miyagi Prefecture into a sea of fire and put the bank in Nagano Prefecture on the verge of collapse. In many other prefectures chaos goes on with railways and roads cut off, traffic paralyzed and drinking water and electricity power supply as well as communications stopped.
 Traffic service is completely cut off in Tokyo, leaving millions stranded.
  The Japan Meteorological Agency made public the result of analysis of the quake on Sunday.
  According to it, the epicenter was about 500 km long and about 200 km wide in the waters off Iwate Prefecture and Ibaraki Prefecture and it is also confirmed that seismic fault-lines were disrupted one by one in succession.
  The magnitude of the quake was revised to 9.0 to be the largest in the world history and its energy size was confirmed to be nearly 1 000 times that of the Hanshin quake.
  A seismologist of Japan clarified that a fault about 450 km long and about 200 km wide was disrupted 23 meters at the maximum.
  More than 100 aftershocks with over 4.6 magnitudes followed on Sunday alone and still more are likely to occur.
  It is presumed that more than 7.0-magnitude quake can also follow. -0-


Pyongyang, March 14 (KCNA) -- Jang Jae On, chairman of the C.C., the DPRK Red Cross Society, Monday sent a message of sympathy to Konoe Tadateru, president of the Japan Red Cross Society.
  The message said:
  Upon hearing the sad news that the northeastern part of your country was hit by unprecedented earthquake and tsunami that claimed huge casualties and material losses, I extend deep sympathy and consolation to you and, through you, to the victims and their families on behalf of the DPRK Red Cross Society.
  It is my hope that the living of the victims will come to normal as early as possible thanks to the positive efforts of your society. -0-

und noch ein kurzer Nachrichtenbeitrag:
Noch ein TV-Bericht von gestern:


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