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14. Februar 2010: Lunar New Year´s Day in Korea
Die Zeitschrift "Korea Today" beschreibt anlässlich des Neujahrstages die mit diesem Feiertag verbundenen Traditionen:

February 14 this year is Lunar New Year’s Day in Korea. On the eve of the day all families in Korea clean their houses inside and outside in the meaning that they see out the old year before greeting a new one; and prepare new clothes and festive dishes for the New Year.

Ttok is at the top of the festive dishes. The dish varies in kind including chalttok (glutinous-rice cake), songphyon (half-moon-shaped rice cake stuffed with beans and flavoured with pine needles), jolphyon (fancy rice cake) and shwiumttok (fermented rice cake). Ttokkuk (rice cake soup) is a special dish of the holiday.

The festive dishes also include jijim (pancake), kangjong (starch jelly coated with beans or sesame), yakkwa (fried cake made of wheat flour, honey and oil), sujonggwa (fruit punch) and sikkhye (sweet rice drink). The dishes are served accompanied by wine.

On the holiday adults usually play yut (a stick game), women play at seesaw and children enjoy kite-flying, sleigh-riding and playing with a toy pinwheel.

Yut, as a traditional folk game, was widely played from time immemorial, and the seesaw in which women compete with each other to see who jumps up higher adds to the festive mood of the holiday.

In the early morning of the day juniors first greet their seniors. This greeting is called sebae which is done by performing a deep bow in prostration before seniors in a family, a village or a relative’s family and before teachers. It originated from the practice of respecting seniors and valuing good manners.

Children, dressed in colour-striped jackets, perform such a bow before grandparents and parents.

Genre picture “Lunar New Year’s Day” depicts vividly the Korean people’s customs related to the holiday.

[Bild: 3.jpg]

Aus: Korea Today, 2/2010
Autor: Ki Kwang Chol

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