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Produktionskapazität erhöht
Production Capacity Increased

The Unhung Smeltery increased its capacity to smelt more metals latent richly in Ryanggang Province.
The provincial mining complex set a target for a certain period and concentrated on the expansion project tantamount to building a new, big smeltery.
Workers and technicians dismantled old electric furnace to assemble a new one. They also replaced old equipment with new one.
The members of the April 15 technical innovation shock brigade manufactured mammoth facilities necessary for expansion project and successfully set up high-pressure blower.
Officials of ministries and national institutions such as the Ministry of Mining Industry and the Ministry of Metal Industry and scientists and technicians of different units give a big assistance to the project

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Innovations in Production of Sheet Glass

The Taean Friendship Glass Factory increases production to carry out the tasks set forth by the joint New Year editorial of leading newspapers of the DPRK.
The factory normalized production by doing technical management well in all processes ranging from the supply of raw materials to main production system and the packing of products.
The technicians and workers together with scientists transformed the excavating arm of dredger at the silica branch company and thus increased production 1.3 times.
They also made by themselves important accessories of the gas production process and raw material crushing process for the normalized production.
The automation workshop transformed the uninterrupted power supply gear of the heavy oil system.
Innovations are brought about in the production of secondary raw materials.
The Hwangju Dolomite Mine and other mines are supplying secondary raw materials to the factory properly.
The ore-dressing, raw material and plate glass workshops are strictly observing the standard regulations of operation in the management of facilities including the smelting furnace.
The packing and loading workshops and other units too are implementing their tasks with responsibility.
Ji Won Chol


Kangso Coal Mine, Hitter of First Half Year Target

The officials and workers of the Kangso Coal Mine are vigorously launching a campaign for increased production in the spirit with which they have fulfilled their plan for the first half of the year ahead of the set-time.
Innovations are taking place among the colliers of the Youth Pit. The junior officials of the pit flexibly organizes the work of extending the cutting faces to keep production on a high level.
A campaign for increased production is being dynamically waged in the Jonjin Pit, Pit No.1, Ponghwa Pit, Sobu Pit, Hyoksin Pit and Pit No. 8. The officials and coal miners there have set goals higher than their plans and are making every possible effort to turn out more and more coal with a high sense of responsibility of standing at the outpost for building a thriving nation.
Kang Myong Il


First Half Year Assignments Overfulfilled

Industrial establishments in Kangwon Province overfulfilled their first half year assignments.
They include the Chonnae Area Coal Mining Complex, Munchon Steel Factory, Ryondupyong Hydro-power Plant Construction Company and many others.
The Chonnae Area Coal Mining Complex took perfect measures to provide equipment and materials needed for capital and preparatory tunneling so that the mines could normalize production on the high level.
The Munchon Steel Factory updated the production processes.
Its steel and rolling workshops introduced scores of technical innovation proposals into production.
The Wonsan Youth Power Station increased power production through scrupulous management of facilities and water.
Many light industrial establishments in the province produced more light industrial goods and foodstuffs needed for the improved livelihood of the people.
Correspondent Sin Chon Il

@Gorbatz: Hier jetzt meine erste Zusammenfassung eines Textes:

Im Ryongyang Bergwerk sind zwei Grobzerkleinerungsmaschinen gebracht worden, die die Produktionskapazität um das doppelte erhöht haben. In der Mine wird wohl hauptsächlich Erz gefördert.

(Anmerkung: Aber beindruckend ist es schon, oder? Scheint wohl, als ob sich die Wirtschaft wohl doch wieder erhohlt).

Visit to Ryongyang Mine

The newly built coarse crushing system 1 and the system of gravity ore dressing at the Ryongyang Mine double the ore-dressing capacity there. And the dust ores produced on the side are used to turn out slightly burnt magnesia.
It is quite a view to see the two bulky crushers in operation in the open air and conveyers carrying large quantities of coarsely crushed ores, which then pour down like waterfalls from the ore depots.
Construction of ball ores production process and an oven of slightly burnt magnesia will help increase the production of slightly burnt magnesia by a big margin.

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Danke Juche,

so ist es schon ausreichend.

Da weiß ich/man worum es geht.Smile
Ich wollte jetzt nicht ein Thema "Arbeitslosigkeit in der KDVR" anfangen.
Hier könnte das passen:
kurzes Zitat aus einer Reisereportage:
".......Trotzdem lässt sich nicht die ganze Wahrheit ausblenden. Ein großer Bus sieht hier so aus, dass ein kleiner Bus einen anderen kleinen Bus abschleppt. Uralte Traktoren stoßen schwarze Abgaswolken aus, während sie kaputte Militärlaster hinter sich her ziehen. Und überall hocken wieder Menschen, die einfach nur warten, dass der Tag zu Ende geht. Auch der Mann meiner Reiseleiterin ist im Prinzip arbeitslos. Sie verklausuliert das mit den Worten: „Er wartet noch vielleicht drei Monate auf sein nächstes Projekt.“

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