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Arirang 2008
Eine aktuelle Meldung der Nachrichtenagantur KCNA:

Korean Folk Song "Arirang"
Pyongyang, August 29, 2008 (KCNA) -- The grand mass gymnastic and artistic performance "Arirang", "Kim Il Sung Prize" laureate, is going on before full capacity at the May Day Stadium of Pyongyang.
The melody of "Arirang", the theme song of the extravaganza, deeply moves the audience.
There are various legends about the origination of "Arirang", a traditional folk song in Korea.
Once upon a time a woman sang a song while eagerly waiting for her lover who had gone to a battlefield. The legend being handed down orally, "Arirang" came into being. People had widely sung "Arirang", creating local varieties such as "Sodo Arirang" (Phyongan Province), "Tanchon Arirang" (Hamgyong Province), "Kangwondo Arirang" (Kangwon Province) and "Milyang Arirang" (Kyongsang Province).
Typical among them is "Arirang", which has been known to the world as the symbol of the Korean folk songs.
"Arirang" is played in various forms including an independent song, orchestra music, film music and dance music.
Many folk songs like "Arirang" have been created one after another in the DPRK, where the Juche-oriented literature and art are efflorescing as the days go by.
Among them are "Arirang on Pass Chol", "Arirang for Army-People Unity", "Arirang for Prosperity", "Arirang of National Reunification" in reflection of the sentiment of the Songun Korea. These songs with rich ideological content are wide in thematic spheres and strong in national coloring, which are run through with gentle melody and solemn and earnest tone colour.
"Arirang" and songs of its genre, precious cultural inheritance of the nation, are powerfully encouraging the Korean people in their efforts for achieving the reunification of the country and building a great, prosperous and powerful nation.

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