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Atomanlagen: Stellungnahme des Sprechers des nordkoreanische
Im Forum von hat Comrade Alejandro Cao De Benos Country: Spain Position: President auf Mitgliederfragen zu dem Thema "News about nuclear station" folgendes geantwortet:

Posted on 25/06/08 11:51:58

Dear Yuchen,

Thank you for your strong support towards DPRK.

Our country is not for sale. We already have enough nuclear missiles (ICBM's) as deterrence against a US led invasion. And they know it, that's the reason why Bush is so 'friendly' towards us and will remove DPRK from the terrorist list. He takes care to no longer insult our Leader in public.

Having nuclear weapons, now we also can divert a part of our military expenses (that we used to research) for improving the people's lifehood.

The policy of our government is to develop greener energies, including large hydro-electrical power stations, wind, solar, etc.

Yongbyon is already dead since long time, so blowing up the cooling tower is just a symbolic gesture. In exchange they have to provide a package of measures that will strongly benefit us.

Also I recommend not to believe Chinese media so much. In the past I also received a lot of rubbish from religious+politically sponsored Chinese newspapers/newsletters. Remember that everyone can catch BBC in China, and nowadays I can say that they are the number one in anti-DPRK propaganda, more than CNN.

The bad image of DPRK among Chinese people, created by the US-led propaganda, is not much different than in Europe.

And please, moderate your language when posting. Do not need to use 'american slang'. If not you will end up behaving like them.

Best regards,"

Die Zerstörung des Reaktors in Yongbyon ist also ein von den Mitgliedern der 6-Parteien-Gespräche initiiertes, groß aufgezogenes Propagandaspektakel.

Chinesische Medien berichteten, daß zur Sprengung 5 ausländische Medien geladen werden. Darunter BBC und CNN. Comrade Alejandros Hinweis auf den vielen Unsinn der in den Medien verbreitet wird, ist richtig. Erst dadurch war mir klar, warum in naenara und anderen Seiten kein Hinweis darauf zu finden war. Warum auch sollte die koreanische Nachrichtenagentur über den Abriß einer schon lange stillgelegten Atomruine berichten.

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RE: Atomanlagen: Stellungnahme des Sprechers des nordkoreanische - von egkr1 - 25.06.2008, 18:50

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