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Das Konzert des New York Philharmonic Orchestra in Pyongyang ist noch gar nicht so richtig vorbei und schon kommt die nächste Überraschung der nordkoreanischen Kulturpolitik über die Medien:

(bisher nur in English via Financial Times)

"Eric Clapton to Perform in NK

North Korea has invited Eric Clapton to perform in Pyongyang next year, a second concert by a famous musician following the New York Philharmonic's performance in the communist country Tuesday, according to a report.

The Financial Times said that Pyongyang has invited the English rock guitarist and singer Clapton as a reciprocal visit for a North Korean orchestra's tour.

Clapton is one of the most successful musicians of the 20th and 21st centuries with hits, including ``Cocaine'' and ``Tears in Heaven.''

``These cultural exchanges are a way of promoting understanding between countries. We want our music to be understood by the western world and we want our people to understand western music,'' a North Korean official was quoted as saying.

The official said that Clapton had agreed in principle to accept the invitation, suggesting the concert be held next year.

The New York Philharmonic performed in Pyongyang last night for 90 minutes and the North Korean State Symphony Orchestra plans to perform in London this summer.

The invitation came as a surprise as rock and pop are banned in North Korea because of their Western influences while classical music is allowed.

Seoul officials said the New York Philharmonic's concert was probably a harbinger of more cultural exchanges between North Korea and the world, hailing the Clapton concert in Pyongyang. The New York Philharmonic concert is, in fact, the biggest U.S. delegation to visit Pyongyang since the 1950-53 Korean War.

``We havn't yet confirmed Clapton's concert in Pyongyang in detail. But we expect the New York Philharmonic performance to contribute to better understanding and relations between the United States and North Korea,'' Cho Hee-yong, spokesman of the Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry, said.

Cho further said that the government would support Clapton's concert with all resources avaialble if the concert is realized because the government positively supports North Korea's cultural exchanges with other countries."


Gabs dazu eigentlich mal was neues? Oder wars wieder eine der üblichen "Enten"?