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Eine der berühmte Verkerhspolizistinnen bekam nun einen Heldentitel, nur den Grund dafür habe ich nicht verstanden. Vielleicht kann mir jemand beim Verstehen helfen:

"Heroine, Pride of the Country

Ri Kyong Sim, traffic control girl belonging to the traffic control Center under the Pyongyang City People's Security Bureau, was awarded the title of Hero of the Republic, the highest honor of a citizen of the Republic.

Infinitely faithful to the Party and the leader, she carried out her duty to the best of her ability, contributing to the traffic safety in the capital city; she is a laudable traffic officer and a true daughter of the Party , who at an unexpected moment displayed a heroic self-sacrificing spirit of defending the leader and secured the safety of the brains of our revolution.

She is 22 years old, recruited on April 30, 2008.

Still young as she is, she has become a shining example for all our army men and the people.

All the streets crisscrossing the capital city are permeated with the sweat of the devoted service of the traffic controllers.

Rain or shine, they stand at their posts.

Heroine Ri would often give a lively expression to the rain, snow and street lights , calling them "sweet rain, sweat now and sweet lights".

Drivers would call her "the ruly" or "bigotry", intimate terms attached to the girl so strict to the rules and making no allowances for those "unrulies". In other sense, it was an expression of drivers' respect and love for the girl.

Ri volunteered to be traffic controller.

In her dreamful girlhood, she heard a lot of moving stories about traffic control girls, and later that became the motive for her to make another choice for her future -- to be a traffic control girl.

One day, it was raining cats and dogs. Immediately after shift of her duty, she was rushing somewhere through the rain.

"Where are you going?" yelled a pall of hers.

"A car pulled up there!" came a reply. Sensing what it meant, the girl ran up to Ri. She saw Ri helping the driver to fix the car, holding a spanner in her hand. It was late autumn and raining hard. Shivering from cold in the rain, Ri stood still there till the car started the engine again. Smiling she said goodbye to the driver.

She is always aware that defending the safety of the brains of revolution is the way that promises well for the welfare and future of the country and the happiness and security of the people.

She pledges to herself, "I'll stand at my post as firm as ever, like a shield protecting the leader of revolution and safety of my dear people."

Ri Kyong Sim, now hero of the Republic, still stands at her post on a crossroad of the capital city.

Story by Pak Chol"

Oder habe ich es richtig verstanden, dass sie den Preis bekam, weil sie beim Regen ein Auto half zu reparieren?
(08.05.2013, 12:08)ml91 schrieb: [ -> ]Oder habe ich es richtig verstanden, dass sie den Preis bekam, weil sie beim Regen ein Auto half zu reparieren?

Versteh ich ebenfalls so.
Nun soll sie sogar Kim Jong Un das Leben gerettet haben!