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Valuable Books and Relics

Over the past 60 years since its founding the Korean Academy of Social Sciences has done a great deal of work. Countless historical relics and remains it has unearthed and many books written and edited by its researchers and national classics translated are all priceless treasures furnishing scientific proof to the Korean history of 5 000 years.
Below we introduce part of the books and discoveries.

◇ Chronicles of Korean Feudal Dynasty
It deals with historical facts related to the Korean feudal dynasty that lasted 519 years. It is a sort of feudal government record written in a style of diary. It has a total of 1 763 volumes, of which 400 volumes are translated. Reading the chronicles, one can have a better understanding of Korean history and its history of civilization, history of neighboring countries and materials related to foreign relations the then feudal Korea had with modern West European countries.

◇ 80 000 Blocks of the Complete Collection of Buddhist Scriptures
This is a complete collection of Buddhist scriptures printed on wood in the period of 1236 to 1251. It is 1 539 in kind and 6 793 in volume, and its wooden blocks exceed 80 000. Numerous letters engraved on the wooden blocks, this collection is preserved as one of priceless cultural treasures of the Korean nation.

◇ Pibyonsa Journal
It is a journal of Pibyonsa (the supreme central government office of the feudal Korean state for some 300 years from the latter half of the 16th century.) A detailed account of state affairs, the journal is written on the order of dates, and the volume of translated book reaches 150.

◇ Grand Korean Dictionary
This national treasure praises above all the ideological and theoretical exploits made by the great men Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in the development of modern Korean language. The dictionary contains more than 400 000 vocabulary words from the modern Pyongyang language developed and enriched to satisfy the requirements of the Songun era. Explanation of meanings and phonetic transcription for every word render a good help to the people in enriching the knowledge of their own mother tongue, giving a strong impetus to the Juche-oriented development of Korean national language.

Besides the Academy of Social Sciences compiled "Complete History of Korea" (34 volumes, plus two volumes of chronological tables), enlarged Korean history of different sections (40 volumes) and "history of Dangun Korea" (38 volumes), a record of Korean national history beginning from the foundation of Tangun Korea to the ruin of the Korean feudal dynasty.
Researchers of the Archeological Institute excavated the tomb of Tangun and ascertained it scientifically in the 1990s and later they unearthed over 100 royal tombs, mural tombs and many other ancient tombs, and historical relics and remains.

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