Normale Version: Die DVRK unter der Führung von Kim Jong Un aus der Sicht einer chinesischen Zeitung
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DPRK under Leadership of Kim Jong Un: Chinese Paper

The June 15-21 issue of the Chinese paper "International Herald Leader" carried an article of its correspondent in Pyongyang under the title "DPRK under half a year politics of leader Kim Jong Un".
The insight into international issues, grit and stratagem of the dear respected Kim Jong Un and the firm faith of the party, government, army and the people of the DPRK in building a thriving nation help one know that the DPRK will display the new spirit without fail in the future, the paper said.
He is carrying forward the Songun politics true to the behests of leader Kim Jong Il, it noted, adding that energetically providing field guidance, Kim Jong Un has pursued the politics of concern for the improvement of the standard of people's living and loving care for them.
It introduced in detail the celebrations of the 66th anniversary of the Korean Children's Union.
The housing blocks built in the Mansudae area have become a new criterion for the modernization of Pyongyang, it noted, and went on:
To build Pyongyang into a world-level grand city was a lifetime desire of Kim Jong Il. Pyongyang will take on its peculiar character under the plan of Kim Jong Un.
Kwangbok Area Supermarket and other projects were completed one after another. Large-scale comprehensive, modern service facilities are being built on the picturesque bank of the River Taedong and the People's Open-Air Ice Rink and other projects are nearing their completion.
The people from across the country are visiting the statues of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il on Mansu Hill. The Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, the sacred temple of Juche where they lie in state, is visited by an endless stream of Koreans and foreigners.
All the work is being done in good order in the DPRK under the leadership of Kim Jong Un.
Slogan boards set up in streets and conversations of the people signal that the DPRK has entered the era of Kim Jong Un.
The phrase of new 100 years of Juche era is being used in the DPRK. This proves that the DPRK led by him has entered a new historic turn.
Rodong Sinmun

Es handelt sich dabei um eine chinesischsprachige Zeitung, die von der Nachrichtenagentur Xinhua herausgegeben wird.

Der "International Herald Leader" ist ganz auf internationale Nachrichten spezialisiert.