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"Complete Collection of Kim Jong Il's Works" Vol. 6 Published (2014)

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"Complete Collection of Kim Jong Il's Works" Vol. 6 was published in the DPRK.

It contains 99 works including speeches and talks made by leader Kim Jong Il from January to July, Juche 52 (1963).

In the work "The Leader of Working Class Plays a Decisive Role in the Revolutionary Struggle" he calls for deeply understanding the position and role of the leader in the revolutionary struggle and holding President Kim Il Sung in high esteem with loyalty.

His works clarify the principled issues arising in holding Kim Il Sung in high esteem and firmly arming with his revolutionary idea.

The works deal with the idea that all service personnel can become a-match-for-a hundred fighters when they have strong revolutionary spirit, fine marksmanship, superb tactics and strong physical strength. They indicate the ways to develop the People's Army and consolidate the country's defense capability guided by the Workers' Party of Korea's military idea and line.

They also expound the validity and originality of the Party's line and policies of economic construction and set forth the tasks to be fulfilled by all sectors of the national economy.

Contained in the works are the issues for accelerating the socialist cultural construction as required by the developing reality.

They call for heightening the revolutionary vigilance against the imperialists' aggression moves and resolutely foiling them.

They indicate the policies for defending the democratic national rights of Koreans in Japan true to the President's idea on the movement of overseas compatriots and bringing earlier the reunification of the country.

The book carries the works giving answers to the theoretical and practical issues arising in the revolution and construction including the issue of strengthening the class education and anti-revisionist education and the issue of bringing up the children of revolutionary martyrs to be the core of the Party.

Rodong Sinmun, 2014

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